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Bulavard.com is a platform that turns your existing website into an online store with one line of code.

Bulavard.com is a platform that turns your existing website into an online store with one line of code. You have an awesome website, but now you want to sell things on it. Why waste your time configuring complicated plugins, moving to a different platform, or worse, building everything from scratch, when you can just copy/paste some code?

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Momentix Toys

Momentix Toys
Momentix Toys

Wooden toys for chain reactions machines.

Momentix helps people of all ages practice dynamic, improvisational problem-solving through hands-on play. One way we do that is by making super fun, open-ended toys, like our Momentix MotionKit: a wooden set that intuitively interacts with the world around you to create chain reaction machines. With this kit, anyone can practice reimagining everyday objects and experimenting with how they can connect in new ways. In addition to our MotionKit, we offer open source resources for educators and run workshops based around the idea that chain reaction machines are the perfect tool for both learning STEM concepts and practicing 21st century skills like creativity, resilience, and collaboration in a screen-free, analog way. --- Momentix is a beautiful wooden toy designed to help you (whether you are 5 years old or 50) practice jumping out of the system (affectionately called jootsing) -- the type of thinking required for true change. As you play, you’ll naturally practice mindfulness, creativity, improvisational problem-solving, and resilience. We want to create a world where play is valued, one where it’s seen as a valid and meaningful tool to discovery and failure is not a source of shame, but a source of clarity. We’re here to help you see things in new ways, ground yourself in the real world, and remember (and practice) how to be silly, wacky, playful, and experimental again, because we won't solve the big problems of the 21st century without seeing new connections. You’ll find all of this is more fun when you team up with other people. Bonus points, since collaborating leads to more innovative solutions.

Location: Colorado, USA

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