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Callido learning

Callido learning
Callido learning

Improving student outcomes through the explicit measurement and development of critical thinking, research and writing skills.

"Callido is improving student outcomes by enabling any school to develop critical thinkers with plug-and-play resources for explicitly tracking and developing students' critical thinking, problem-solving, research and communication skills.

All educators agree that the purpose of education is to develop students into critical thinkers. However, translating this into action is difficult due to the lack of a roadmap for skills, constrained teacher time and legacy reporting systems which do not show progress on skills.

Callido makes this easy by providing:

(i) a roadmap for critical thinking, problem-solving, research and communication skills at each grade (ii) digital assessments to understand each student's starting point (iii) blended learning resources for the targeted development of each skill (iv) data dashboards to track students' growth year on year

Our solutions save schools over 400 hours, and are 10x cheaper than the next best alternative - replicating all of these resources and expertise in-house. Since inception, we have partnered with leading schools in over 18 countries."

Location: Mumbai, India

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