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We offer Video Surveillance as a Service

We offer a cloud-based on-demand video surveillance system. All you need is just
an IP camera and an Internet connection.
- Ease of use and versatility. We have a user-friendly interface and we support
any manufacturer’s cameras, providing the customer with freedom of choice.
- AI-based features that were previously only available for enterprise solutions.
Human/object detection separately. Detection of suspicious activity.
CamdogTM guard mode. License plate recognition. Face detection. Loss
prevention alerts.
- Cloud-based on-demand solution. Reduces initial investment.
- Cheap price and lifetime data storage.

Location: New York, United States

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YouTube Video Previews Made Easy

Add GIF-like Previews To All Embedded YouTube Videos On Your Site

How It Works
1. Put your domain to your vuebit account
2. Add our javascript library to your html

Now every page with youtube videos will automatically show their previews.

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