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QHSE software | standards compliance made simple!

I need safety, you need safety. In society we organise this through issuing rules, standards, and certificates.

For companies, our safety therefore translates to their compliance to those standards.

Capptions helps the world’s non-desk teams achieve compliance and excellence [=continual improvement] by making plan-do-check-act-loops [between goals & outcome] easy, fast, and fun.

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Pioneering a new approach towards identity and contracts for everyone and everything.

Plexus is developing a smart contracts platform to help businesses sign smart contracts using real-world identity with Identiplex™, our pioneering technology on blockchain.

Real-world online proof of identity is an issue
Centrally stored contracts / data is accessible by the service provider
Centralized systems are prone to cyber attacks
Digital transaction management services only support traditional static documents

Identiplex™ is our sovereign real-world identity that is used to sign smart contracts
Edge security means we cannot access any customer data, we are private by design
Plexus is a decentralized platform and therefore secure
Our contracts are smart and can preform tasks like bank to bank payments

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