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Leader in Human & Social Services Technology for the Government

Cardinality was founded with a mission to consumerize Health & Human Services (“HHS”) by providing the stakeholders with the same delightful experience as they would experience in everyday lives with modern products such as Apple, Gmail among others.

US Govt spends $ 1Tn for HHS delivery every year with the technology supporting the same was built ~30 years back. By leveraging Cardinality, several agencies are able to meaningfully streamline & transform their businesses.

Cardinality’s integrated HHS platform offers 4 core experiences namely (1) Citizen (2) Worker, (3) Leadership & (4) Regulatory across 3 critical programs namely (1) Comprehensive Welfare for CCWIS, Juvenile & Adult (2) Child Support (3) Family Services including SNAP, TANF- in one place.

Cardinality’s platform currently serves 6 million Americans with several agencies across America rapidly adopting Cardinality as the preferred platform of choice in their modernization efforts.

Location: Washington D.C, United States

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Asynchronous stand up meetings inside slack.

Remote groups don't work in the same time zones. This implies colleagues need gatherings in diverse times. As soon as a member is online it will start the stand up meeting and ask a set of questions of your choice. The data geekbot collects, can be send as a newsletter, feed them to a dashboard, or just post them in a #status channel on your slack.

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