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The Best Case Management Platform for Litigators

CaseFleet helps litigators win more cases. We provide tools for organizing case evidence, tracking deadlines, and managing your legal business. With our Timelines feature, you can create a detailed chronology for each case that links witnesses, facts, legal issues, and evidence. Our application is easy-to-use and available anywhere there is an internet connection. Your data is secured with industry-leading encryption and multi-factor authentication. Get started today with a free 30-day trial.

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LessChurn provides a fully customizable iFrame, which you can embed in your app wherever your account deletion happens.

LessChurn is a service designed to reduce churn by helping your users right before they delete their account.
Replace your typical "Delete my Account" button by giving your users helpful options (such as “request a product demo”, “contact support with a question”, “get a discount for X months”, “extend trial for Y days” etc.).

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