Cast Crunch vs Darwins: Interchangeable. Polarized. Sun

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Darwins: Interchangeable. Polarized. Sun

Darwins: Interchangeable. Polarized. Sun
Darwins: Interchangeable. Polarized. Sun

Darwins are Customizable Polarized Sunglasses with a innovative Snap Fit locking mechanism that allows you to interchange vividly colored Frames and Arms in only seconds to match any outfit.

With two quick clicks you can have a whole new pair of sunglasses. The Snap Fit Lock Mechanism allows all Darwins Frames and Arms to be interchangeable with each other. Each arm fits with each frame and each frame fits with each arm and you can Trade Frames and Arms to make new combinations.

Darwins: Interchangeable. Polarized. Sun Latest Tweets

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