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Cast Crunch

Cast Crunch
Cast Crunch

A podcast player with a built in discussions; discuss and discover podcasts with other listeners!

We want to make listening to podcasts a more social experience. Our modern podcast player comes with built in discussion threads, so you can discuss the latest episodes of your favorite podcasts with fans, and ask your fellow podcast enthusiasts for new suggestions!

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Unleash limitless possibilities with Truepush and save up to $600 monthly. Free up to 10K Subscribers on all features.

Truepush, the world's most affordable push notification platform for web and mobile, was launched in 2019 with a motto to provide a free customer engagement platform like push notifications. With a short span of 18 months, the brand is successfully serving over 30,000+ marketers/ developers and is growing big and strong in the SaaS marketplace.

This Push Notifications tool has received enormous applause in the SaaS space, along with the excellent feedback from its customers.

Truepush has a free WordPress plugin and a free Shopify plugin.

Location: Hyderabad, India

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