Clinch vs Fyrebox



Your online shopping browser @ the touch of a finger.

Clinch; collect, compare, create, shuffle and share, your online shopping browser @ the touch of a finger.

COLLECT pieces you like while browsing online. Clinch from the web, take a picture or import your own. Pieces are stored in your Library for easy reference.
No more screenshots!

COMPARE pieces from multiple websites of your choice all on one page
No more switching between tabs to see how things measure up.

CREATE a Canvas for inspiration; piece together your perfect outfit, event or decorate your home.
*All links are taken along for the journey creating a collage of bookmarks.

SHUFFLE and scroll through your library to coordinate your own collections.
Create endless combinations quickly and easily while having fun.

SHARE your pieces, canvases and collections with family and friends.

The magic here is that Clinch was designed by myself to address the obstacles we all face while ‘shopping around’ online.

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Create a quiz to generate leads, educate or amuse

Choose between classic or chatbot format.

Create a quiz to generate leads or just make your site more fun! Fyrebox makes it easy to create a mobile-friendly interactive quiz.

Simple to start and easy to use, create a quiz (or two) that come with built-in analytics for each participant and the statistics. You can export the leads automatically to your CRM, email marketing software, or Excel

Our latest feature lets turn your quiz into a chatbot.

Location: Melbourne, Australia

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