Coffee Kreis vs Oddshero

Coffee Kreis

Coffee Kreis
Coffee Kreis

Giving coffee a second life.

Coffee Kreis recycles used coffee grounds from hotels, restaurants and coffee shops and repurpose them into sustainable, reusable and durable coffee cups.

Location: Fort Lauderdale, United States

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Make money online with matched betting

Oddshero applies the proven method of Matched Betting to help you profit from bookmaker bonus offers.

Matched Betting is taking advantage of free bonus offers from bookmakers by placing opposing bets (e.g. Liverpool to win and Liverpool not to win).
The goal is to breakeven on each matched bet, while clearing the requirements for cashing out your bonuses of e.g. €100. When done correctly it is completely risk-free. Our customers have been able to make their first €1000 in less than a month.

Matched Betting has been featured in major newspapers such as The Guardian and The Telegraph:

Oddshero is a software that automatically finds matched betting opportunities for you. You can find videos of us making a profit using our own product on our Youtube Channel:

Location: Oslo, Norway

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