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Never miss the pill again

Contraceptive is a new telehealth platform created by the founders of the highly successful mobidoctor platform. Contraceptive tailors to woman health and is created specifically to be a go-to platform for woman in all ages looking for the newest information about, yes you guessed: Contraception. The platform offers a unique way to get you contraceptive prescriptions online, and also an automatic refill and pill reminder, so you never miss the pill again

Location: Valletta, Malta

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Hotter Leads

Hotter Leads
Hotter Leads

Boost your email outreach on autopilot.

Boost your email outreach on autopilot.

It often takes up to 9 follow-ups to get an answer to your cold email. makes your life easier by automating that flow.

Outbound sales - scale sales outreach to the levels unachievable by humans alone.

Inbound sales - automate lead follow-up to close more deals, faster.

PR & Link-building - reach out to reporters, bloggers, and opinion leaders to promote content.

Location: Arlington, USA

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