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Never miss the pill again

Contraceptive is a new telehealth platform created by the founders of the highly successful mobidoctor platform. Contraceptive tailors to woman health and is created specifically to be a go-to platform for woman in all ages looking for the newest information about, yes you guessed: Contraception. The platform offers a unique way to get you contraceptive prescriptions online, and also an automatic refill and pill reminder, so you never miss the pill again

Location: Valletta, Malta

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Wise Netizen

Wise Netizen
Wise Netizen

Wise Netizen helps parents in process of educating their kids about internet safety.

Wise Netizen promotes and educates families about online safety. It is important for parents to make sure that their child understand eSafety. Website includes features like videos, interactive quizzes, guides and posters. We also conduct special workshop in schools explaining eSafety to young kids.

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