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Convert more visitors by understanding why they leave.

Bouncelytics is an analytics tool which helps in understanding exactly when and where the visitors leave a page. Features like In-Page Funnel and Heatmaps enable the users to visualise how the visitors interact with a page, and how they abandon it.

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Collaboration is now as easy as copy and paste!

CopyBucket is a cloud-based clipboard. It gives you the power of cloud-storage with the ease of use of copy/paste.

Add items in buckets using copy/paste or drag-n-drop.

Items appear on your other devices.

Create new buckets and keep related items together.

Share buckets with friends or colleagues for instant collaboration.

It's the easiest way to get data from A to B.

Watch our video for an intro and full product tour and learn about features such as Auto-Copy and the Screenshot tool.

If you do most of your work on a computer, give CopyBucket a try and see how it can boost your workflow. Sign-up for free at :)

Location: Cupertino, USA

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