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First digital marketplace dedicated to Bulma CSS Framework

The First digital marketplace dedicated to Bulma CSS Framework.
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Sapien Wallet

Sapien Wallet
Sapien Wallet

Decentralized and immutable rating system implemented

The Sapien app is a user-friendly, decentralized cryptocurrency lightwallet, which also collects post-transactional data from the users in the form of ratings and reviews. The data will be stored on a decentralized network to prevent bias or tampering, this way we can ensure that the data being stored is completely trustworthy. That data will then be used to give people and businesses a ‘human/business rating’ which is a way to quantify their level of quality and trustworthiness. Sapien believes that if people and businesses have a human/business rating assigned based on post-transaction feedback others give them, this will not only improve the level of trust you have when you interact with someone, but there will also encourage healthier competition.

Through Sapien, people will be able to see a numerical rating assigned to a person or business, this means that the decision to trust or distrust someone can be more streamlined, effectively saving time. Sapien’s human/business rating does not claim to be the end-all-be-all, however, it is a very effective tool when you want to achieve a high level of trust without having to spend a significant amount of time building it.

Location: Kyiv, Украина

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