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Creepy Door

Creepy Door
Creepy Door

Creepy Door is a project that allows you to create your own virtual God and use it as you like, including as an NFT.

Hello strangers!

Let me introduce you to the creation of the dark side - the NFT art project Creepy Door.

Creepy Door is a project that allows you to create your own virtual God and use it as you like, including as an NFT.

God is assembled from hundreds and thousands of parts, getting a unique look. Actually, like everything else in the project.

Some of the already implemented features:
- Posting a message to the flock.
- Receive an offering in the form of a daily voice.
- Transfer of God to another owner.
- Downloading all the necessary data for placement on the NFT platform.
- Random events while visiting the site.

Planned features:
- Lots of mini-games.
- Dozens of random events.
- Suggestion of items and patterns for placement.
- Pantheon of the Gods (ranking and competitions).
- Integration with donation systems for the ability to receive donations for the owners of Gods.
- New parts for Gods.
- Hidden features that will be interesting to find yourself.

A little about the origin of the idea:

The idea of this project came to my mind when my friend and I were discussing a theory that mass consciousness can create God.
"What if I try to create such tool?" - I thought. - "Implement the project in the form of some dark art..."
I started with just a small idea to create something atmospheric, sometimes scary, and giving fresh impressions. And now, the MVP is ready, and I can share it with others. I'm afraid to post the project here, in hope that someone will enjoy this atmospheric art game.

Location: Limassol, Cyprus

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Welkeys, the key to digital conciergerie.

Welkeys is the fist web platform connecting property owners and concierges dedicated to short lets all over France. Our concierge Welkeys are here to help you manage logistics when it comes to home rentals ( check-in, check-out, cleaning, linen management).

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