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Make the most of your business data with AI-powered automated anomaly detection system with real-time analytics.

We help you discover business opportunities. Advanced data analytics is in our DNA and AI is our weapon of choice. With an experience of over two decades in handling tons of data on a daily basis, we truly understand what matters to you the most. We help you identify anomalies, facilitate timely action, and ensure you succeed. We are CrunchMetrics.

CrunchMetrics is a division of Subex Digital LLP, a wholly owned subsidiary of Subex Limited. Our journey in the space of AI driven analytics began a few years ago when we started helping our customers find answers to questions that had no obvious answers. Today, we stand strong in three key verticals – Telecom, Retail and Fintech, and with strong focus and commitment, we are scaling up at a phenomenal pace to create an impact in the space.

Location: Broomfield, United States

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See your product and website issues through your users’ eyes

SessionStack allows you to stream live or record and replay user sessions as a video that’s combined with a timeline of everything that happened in their browser (device info, JavaScript exceptions, failed network requests, debug messages). This will show you exactly how to understand and replicate a problem, be it a customer journey issue or an error in your web application. SessionStack can be used in the cloud or deployed locally.

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