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Chasing Brunch

Chasing Brunch
Chasing Brunch

We apply design and technology to projects where authenticity matters.

Chasing Brunch is a creative studio in Providence, Rhode Island. We apply design and technology to projects where authenticity matters. As your creative partner, we work with you to define what makes your venture unique, and use that information to deliver engaging user experiences.

From web design and development to brand identity and illustrative typography, we offer a wide range of creative services meant to captivate any audience.

Location: Providence, United States

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An online SVG animations software

SSVG, a revolutionary online SVG animation software, redefines the creative landscape of web development. With its user-centric design, CSSVG offers an intuitive interface that caters to both beginners and seasoned developers, ensuring a seamless and accessible experience. From keyframe animations to dynamic effects, CSSVG provides a diverse range of animation options, allowing users to breathe life into Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). Noteworthy features include versatile easing functions, such as the unique "Elastic," adding a dynamic touch to visual experiences. CSSVG goes beyond animation, supporting the integration of interactive elements like click events and seamless frame transitions for engaging user experiences. Its frame-based editing approach grants precise control over timing and sequencing, enhancing the polish of animations. With real-time preview functionality, creators can witness their designs coming to life, making CSSVG a catalyst for limitless creative exploration in SVG animation.

Location: thohoyandou, South Africa

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