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Breaking down the barriers of remote teamwork with Cubo's virtual office

At Cubo, we are a global, passionate, and dedicated team creating a universal virtual platform redefining the way we collaborate together. We bring down all barriers generated by remote work with an optimal virtual office connecting your remote team from anywhere.

- a virtual workplace where physical boundaries are no longer an issue, - a technology optimizing productivity and efficiency, communication and collaboration,
- a platform where executives have good visibility on their team, renew trust which is essential to a successful collaboration and
- where employees feel more valued because of better communication and stronger connections with their team members and leaders.

With the right technology, both tasks and teams thrive, while promoting a harmonious working culture. With a connected virtual office, those working from remote locations are on the same page as their colleagues in-office.

The features include:
-a Meeting Hub where you can drag your peers to the ongoing meeting, create schedules, share your screen, exchange insights and views or simply Listen-In without disturbing the ongoing session.
-Instant conversation with TapChat which is the easiest, fastest and most practical way to connect with your teammate
-a social lounge for virtual team buildings
-instant messages and all-important office tools to improve productivity and efficiency and take team collaboration to the next level

We strongly believe that new paradigms will unfold in the future of work and our goal is to partner with and accompany adherents of the virtual workspace. Empower your team to achieve the best with Cubo's Virtual Office.

Location: Delaware, United States

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Invest in collectibles, fine art, and physical spaces for as little as $100

Otis is a marketplace for investing in collectibles, fine art, and physical spaces for as little as $100. We acquire high-quality assets, turn them into smaller shares, and offer them as equity investments. Most billionaires have different asset access than the average person. For the average person, these opportunities are inaccessible, expensive, and illiquid

We're building a new, community-based investment market. Our platform will be a digital stock market for millennials with thousands of assets, similar to the NASDAQ.

Location: Manhattan, United Stated

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