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Trade across the biggest and best cryptocurrency exchanges from a single interface.

The CurryCoins liquidity aggregator connects directly to the world's largest crypto asset exchanges, allowing users to seamlessly transact across every connected platform. Crypto assets are distributed and managed by the system, removing the need for tracking and moving funds across different exchanges. Our price discovery algorithm automatically identifies the best price for any particular volume automatically, ensuring our users always get the best prices.

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Voice Me

Voice Me
Voice Me

Tell a story like never before, without a camera or keyboard, just your voice and what we call VM-Modification.

Voice.Me is a social network in which allows its users to collaborate their vocal production with modifications to create what we call Voices. These Modifications include sound effects like applause, alterations like maybe you want sound like you just sucked up helium from a balloon, as well as music/instrumentals to add some fullness to your project. After creating, reviewing and you’re satisfied with your Voice, post it for the world to experience. This is just the beginning, we will be implementing this same easy to use concept for more sophisticated creations like videos, photos, literary post, and yes sometimes a combination of these on our platform.

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