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Startup Builder web-app featuring tools & in-app guide to help entrepreneurs build their ideas

Make business planning and pitching easy, fun, and impactful! Cuttles app gives you an excellent tool for planning your business, making your pitch canvas, creating budgets, and building your roadmap. Furthermore, it allows you the export all the above in a sleek design customized to your business, to present them to stakeholders in an impactful manner. The software is especially useful for early-stage startups and startups seeking funds.

Our pitch tool will help you structure and validate your idea in no time. You’ll have a beautifully designed one-page handout to investors with a single click. Finish your business plan in a fraction of the time with our business planner. It’s customizable, and we’ll walk you through every section with our in-app guide. When it comes to numbers, our budget tool allows you to create impactful budgets and forecasts, and give you a powerful overview of your business financials in a dashboard. To keep track of your tasks and milestones, you have our Roadmap feature, allowing you to plan your business development and track your performance. And last but not least, our Team feature allows you to present your team, and showcase your ownership.

Location: København, Denmark

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Empowering You To Explore More #TravelSocialNetwork

Trippyowl is a social networking website. But wait, it is not “just another” social media. We studied the current social media website trends and tried to identify the real problem prevailing over the internet. The problem of identity. It is well a matter of fact that we are all surrounded by fake people or people with fake identities. Trying to address this problem and working on its root cause, we came up with Trippyowl.

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