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The Duolingo of Music! Learn to play an instrument, now.

Cleffy is the web platform designed to solve all problems faced during the learning process of an instrument.

Learning to play an instrument requires commitment and perseverance, but it is not an easy start. Many people give up the study after the first lessons, which are the most boring and complicated. Also music courses are very expensive and often incompatible with our lifestyles and schedule.

Cleffy is a virtual teacher that is able to perform a real music lesson. As a human teacher, Cleffy will talk to you but mostly listen. Through the microphone of your computer, tablet or smartphone, Cleffy will listen to you while playing and tell if you are doing an exercise properly or not. It will help you to overcome your difficulties and improve you skills.

You can try our first lesson of guitar(for very beginners!) on
We also published an online game(for skilled ones!) where you can pick a song, play it, and challenge your friends!

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