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All your Business Data โ†’ Beautiful, Real-time Dashboard

Datadeck collects and blends your data in real time to visualize it in beautiful templates and widgets. It brings teams together by sharing the same data with everyone and allowing your whole company--from the least technically skilled entry level assistant to your CIO--to get on the same page and make united decisions.

And it allows all of them to use a simple internal search engine to ask and get answers in plain English. So you can solve the most pressing problems facing your company. Together.

No code. No hassle. No need to create star schemas or dimension tables. Datadeck combines your data fast and efficiently to deliver only the results you need to answer only the questions youโ€™re interested in right now.

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The world's most flexible Promotion Engine. Create, manage, and track coupon codes, discount campaigns, loyalty programs and referral rewards in one holistic system.

Our flexible API and simple integration scales to the demands of any business. First holistic data model for coupon codes, discount rewards, loyalty programs and referral campaigns. Promotion platforms developed in-house are heavily expensive while having a low sales outcome because of limitations in functionality, scalability and/or flexibility. We help marketers easily create effective campaigns, and provide the most powerful promotional infrastructure for development teams.

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