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Dataedo - Next generation database documentation tool.

And here's what makes it different:

Users can define virtual relationships between tables and virtual unique keys - the ones that aren't defined in the database but those rules should apply. They can define relationships even with views.
Large databases can be split into logical modules which makes them easier to analyze, understand and document.

Dataedo is like having word processor connected to your database. You can document your databases using rich text with images. You can write pages of formatted text and attach diagrams, charts or whatever describes your point best. And you can do that for each object.

You can describe any element of any object - relationship, trigger, parameter and many more.

Once anything changes in your documented databases you can sync all the changes with couple clicks.

What makes Dataedo different is that output documentation - printable PDF or interactive HTML is not full with meaningless details - anything that was found in DBMS metadata that but useful, clear and aesthetic manner. Something you would like to share with others and would recommend as the best reference.

Using many of database tools isn't the best of experiences, it can be frustrating. Dataedo has clean, simple and intuitive UI that will help you focus on what is most important - properly describing your databases.

All documentation is stored in global repository and all your team can work on it concurrently.

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LongShot AI

LongShot AI
LongShot AI

LongShot is a comprehensive tool designed to generate high-quality, factually accurate content which is optimized for search engines using advanced features.

LongShot is a comprehensive tool designed not only for generating high-quality, factually accurate content but also for optimizing it using advanced features. This platform stands out by incorporating real-time information into content creation, ensuring relevance and accuracy. Key features include Semantic SEO, fact-checking with citations, AI Interlinking , Humanizing AI and Plagiarism Checker. Furthermore, LongShot integrates with Google Search Console (GSC), allowing users to tailor their content based on GSC data for more targeted and effective updates. Users can also personalize their experience by writing in their own brand voice and uploading their own sources, making LongShot a versatile and powerful tool for all content-related needs.

- Key Features:

Semantic SEO: Optimizes your content for search engines, ensuring it is reader-friendly and achieves high rankings.

Fact-Check & Cite: Enhance your content integrity by verifying and correcting facts with a single click, while seamlessly citing credible sources.

AI Interlinking: Boost your overall SEO juice by enhancing site navigation through intelligent and automatic interlinking.

Humanize AI: Enhance relevancy and boost audience connection by Humanizing your content.

Plagiarism Checker: Ensures the originality of your content by keeping it free from plagiarism.

Customized Templates: Templates designed to improve your flexibility and efficiency and tailored for your specific needs.

Content Planner Integrated with GSC: Plans and strategizes content based on Google Search Console data, optimizing for impact and relevance.


Content Quality: Generates high-quality, engaging, and SEO-friendly content that improves SERP rankings.

Optimization Tools: Includes tools like Semantic SEO and AI interlinking for thorough content optimization.

Efficiency: Significantly reduces the time spent on content creation, helping marketers and content creators make time for what actually matters.

User Experience: Offers an intuitive interface that simplifies use, accommodating both newcomers and experienced users.

Continuous Updates: Regular updates ensure the tool adapts to the latest content standards and user needs.

Integrations: Seamless integration with platforms like WordPress, Webflow and more, facilitating smoother workflows.


Learning Curve: New users might need time to fully leverage the tool’s capabilities.

- Who is Using LongShot?

Content Marketers: For creating authoritative, SEO-optimized, and up-to-date blog posts.

SEO Specialists: To produce content that meets the latest SEO standards.

Academic Professionals: For generating accurate and current educational and research content.

Freelancers: To quickly produce diverse content across different niches.

Uncommon Use Cases: Used by biotech researchers for reliable scientific articles and travel bloggers for rich travel content.

- What Makes LongShot Unique?

LongShot sets itself apart as the ultimate tool for content optimization with its robust features. It offers real-time information updates, comprehensive fact-checking with one-click corrections, and seamless SEO enhancements. The AI Interlinking feature boosts SEO juice by enhancing site navigation through intelligent, automatic interlinking, while the Humanize AI feature makes content more engaging and relatable. Additionally, LongShot's integration with Google Search Console for data-driven content planning and strategy ensures that your content is always relevant and impactful, helping you discover opportunities before your competitors.

- Compatibilities and Integrations:

Google Search Console Integration: Utilizes GSC data for optimized content updates.
One-Click Integrations with Wordpress, Webflow, Google Drive, Hubspot and more: Streamlines publishing and marketing workflows.

Location: Dover, USA

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