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Dataedo - Next generation database documentation tool.

And here's what makes it different:

Users can define virtual relationships between tables and virtual unique keys - the ones that aren't defined in the database but those rules should apply. They can define relationships even with views.
Large databases can be split into logical modules which makes them easier to analyze, understand and document.

Dataedo is like having word processor connected to your database. You can document your databases using rich text with images. You can write pages of formatted text and attach diagrams, charts or whatever describes your point best. And you can do that for each object.

You can describe any element of any object - relationship, trigger, parameter and many more.

Once anything changes in your documented databases you can sync all the changes with couple clicks.

What makes Dataedo different is that output documentation - printable PDF or interactive HTML is not full with meaningless details - anything that was found in DBMS metadata that but useful, clear and aesthetic manner. Something you would like to share with others and would recommend as the best reference.

Using many of database tools isn't the best of experiences, it can be frustrating. Dataedo has clean, simple and intuitive UI that will help you focus on what is most important - properly describing your databases.

All documentation is stored in global repository and all your team can work on it concurrently.

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Rainforest QA

Rainforest QA
Rainforest QA

Hassle-free test automation for SaaS teams who want to ship fast

Detailed description
Rainforest QA integrates generative AI (genAI) in three different ways to make creating and maintaining automated tests as painless as possible, so your team can focus on shipping with confidence.

First, while some AI test automation tools require you to describe test flows step-by-step using detailed prompts, Rainforest allows you to create a series of steps based on a simple prompt.

For instance, to test your app’s sign-up flow, instead of having to create step-by-step instructions with prompts like these:

● Click on the Sign Up for Free link
● Fill the email field with [email protected]
● Fill the password field with 12345
● Click the Sign Up button

…in Rainforest you can simply provide a prompt of, “Sign up for an account with dummy data,” and our AI will intelligently create all the necessary steps.

Second, using genAI, test steps in Rainforest can automatically update themselves — or “self-heal” — to reflect intended changes to your app.

In other tools, only individual test steps can self-heal. To our knowledge, Rainforest is the only AI test automation platform where a series of test steps created with a genAI prompt can automatically update themselves when your app changes. Rainforest’s AI will update the steps based on your original prompt, adding, removing, or changing steps as necessary.

Finally, when you create your tests, Rainforest uses genAI to automatically generate descriptions of the app elements your tests interact with, like buttons or form fields.

When your tests run, if the system can’t find an element based on its default identifier (e.g., a screenshot or DOM selector) the system will look for the element based on its auto-generated AI description (e.g., “Pricing” roughly in the top middle of the screen).

These last two features are game-changers when it comes to avoiding false-positive test failures and test maintenance tasks that you’d otherwise get in other tools and frameworks.

Features (in bullets):
Automated Browser Testing
● Browser test automation: Automate tests across 20+ versions of browsers without any coding required.
● No-code automation: Anyone can write, run, and maintain tests using the visual test editor; no coding expertise is necessary.
● Flexibility for testing scenarios: Tests can handle file downloads, form data generation, and use of custom data variables.
● Virtual browsers: Test using 20+ browser versions on virtual machines in the cloud, scalable to any volume of testing.
● Security configuration: Virtual machines are spun up on-demand and securely destroyed after use.
● Cost-effective: First five hours of testing each month are free; subsequent hours are charged at $5 per hour.
● Parallel testing: Get detailed test results in minutes with tests running in parallel.

Automated Regression Testing
● Simplified regression testing: Automate regression testing with no-code solutions, freeing up teams for more strategic tasks.
● No-code automation: Easy entry with a visual test editor that requires no technical skills for automating regression tests.
● Ease of test maintenance: Tests can automatically update when UI changes occur.
● Testing flexibility: Full test coverage is ensured with tests running on virtual machines in the cloud, supporting 40+ browsers and platforms.
● Budget-friendly: Up to five hours of free testing each month, with additional testing at $5 per hour.
Fast results: Detailed results in just minutes, suitable for rapid CI/CD cycles.

Location: USA, Nevada

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