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A grid library for instant big data processing. is a dev library for instant display of big data volumes that can be a part of any web app. Filtering, sorting, scrolling along with any other data manipulations are entirely smooth and intuitive, with immediate results and no delays at all. You are purely focusing on the essence of your data, having no distractions. All your data is right in front of you, ready to be discovered, with immediate access to every record.

Location: California, United States

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India's #1 Fleet Management Solution

Businesses in India are forced to run their vehicles with extreme inefficiency and poor security. We're determined to change that. Working with 1000s of businesses across various industries, geographies, fleet types and sizes, has exposed us to a lot of multilayered and complex problems that they face daily. Through our proprietary technology, we ensure that every business benefits with lower running costs, greater security and faster turnarounds.

Location: Gurugram, India

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