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Discover, Bookmark and Share, must-go places around the world.

What a crazy time we have the honor to live in.

Never have we been this connected, never has it been so easy for us to move, travel, and visit the endless beauties hidden within our planet.

Think of all the possibilities,
all the experiences we now have access to.

You can book a flight from New York to Milan in under 300 dollars,
enjoy food from all around the world at just a few steps from home,
find friends and loved ones in every city you go to by the click of a button.

We are global as f*ck.

About a year ago, we realized we shared the same problems when travelling. We found it hard to decide where to go and what to see out of never ending suggestions available out there. We were tired of using notes and business cards to keep track of all our favorite places. We couldn’t stand having to dig out the same list of tips for friends over and over again.

So, we asked ourselves: what if there was a way to get rid of all these problems? Well, DATS why, from a small office in Milan, we decided to work on solving these issues once and for all!

Our mission is to create an app built around people you trust. Discover, bookmark and share places with friends like never before.

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standing out is not easy

A professional networking site solely focused on bringing together students, freshers, working professionals, mentors, job seekers, job providers etc on a single platform.A single window professional networking platform with complete eco-system at one place, to make an individual's professional life simple & more productive. It also provides services of job search, online courses, personal/professional inquiry etc to its users.

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