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Can dogs really talk? Yes, they can! Teach your dog how to talk with our custom dog-friendly recordable buttons.

Have you ever wished that your dog could tell you that they love you? Or wished they could tell you when they need to go potty? Well now your wishes can come true, as your dog can literally talk to you with our DaVoice Pet Communication System! Teach your dog how to speak with our custom recordable buttons. You can record your own words into the buttons yourself to say exactly what you want your pet to be able to communicate or say to you. The buttons are color coded specifically for dogs, as canines cannot see certain colors like humans can, such as red, orange or green. Your pet will be super excited to finally be able to communicate with you, their very best friend!

Location: Pottsville, USA

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E-learning platform that enables kids to learn how to code using gamification.

RoboGarden is an e-learning game that enables students from grade 1 through 9 to learn how to code using the 'Visual Blocky System'. Our platform further integrates with educators to be used in classrooms and with parents to monitor child progress. Our platform was built using a 'teacher-first' approach. It allows teachers who are not familiar with coding to teach coding to their students!

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