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Define is an e-commerce brand founded by three siblings who firmly believe that life is a journey that is often not a straight line but a path with many divergent routes along the way. Growing up in a close-knit family, we always dreamed of creating a family business but eventually went our separate ways to college. Due to the pandemic, we found that our paths crossed in ways we never could imagine. In 2020, we collectively decided to jump into entrepreneurship together. We created the Define Planner to empower people to navigate each day with purpose as they travel along their unique paths.

Location: /, United States

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We simplify your Queue

Qwaiting was launched in 2014 by Shrivra company. As the name suggests, Qwaiting is a Queue management system that helps SMEs to simplify their queuing process effectively and efficiently.

The system not only manages the customer flow, it also helps in -
1) Staff management
2) Customer database
3) Data Analytics
4) SMS Marketing
5) Business reports

Our products include QR Queue system, SMS Queue system, Appointment booking, kiosk app, Digital signage.

Having Qwaiting at your premises will help you deliver a top-notch customer experience and provide an edge over your competitors.

We offer a 14-day free trial (No credit card required)

Location: Elkhart, United states of America

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