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Serverless open source ecommerce webshop

A traditional eCommerce outfit produces around 12 tonnes of CO2 emissions throughout a year with 1 million page views a month through power wastage from idling servers. Our goal is to produce a sustainable eCommerce webshop ecosystem that helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint & operating costs while at the same time improving their customer engagement.

We believe an open source approach is the best way of tackling these issues by giving developers the tools they need to build eCommerce platforms that are sustainable for the future & can scale to modern eCommerce webshop requirements.

Location: Tübingen, Germany

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An all-in-one place with free resources & tools that will help you go from $0 to W. Buffet!

Diversifyn will help you learn, develop and diversify your Personal Finance by giving access to an all-in-one place with free resources and tools about Money Management, Investing, Retirement and many more.
Learn, develop and diversify your Personal Finance!

Location: Dubai, UAE

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