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Butternut allows you to automate the interactions between your SaaS while combining them with human actions.

We have designed our tool to make the human part of the workflow. Thus, it extends the possibilities of task automation even further.
With our human in the loop operator, you choose the direction the workflow should take when things get too complex to be automated.
We designed an intuitive interface that lets you link your favorite services without writing a single line of code. Easy to use, drag and drop operations to pull in data, send them to your favorite services and integrate your data wherever it is.
Add conditional logic operators, loop over an array, format data and aggregate results. Pause your workflow for a defined duration or until it is resumed by a human.
Use our preconfigured connectors to build your integrations or perform a custom HTTP request to communicate with any api.
Don't be afraid to update your workflows, even on Fridays! We implemented versioning and environment deployment model to let you do changes with an entire peace of mind.

Location: Paris, France

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Revolutionize Your Support with Helpdesk Management Software

DeskXpand has anything you need to communicate effectively with your customers. A full-fledged ticket management system typically provides all of the necessary elements for delivering a flawless and cost-effective customer experience. In the simplest terms, DeskXpand is a sturdy and flexible program that can scale to meet ons’ your organization’s needs.

Location: Ahmedabad, India

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