DeSpace Protocol vs Ruoom

DeSpace Protocol

DeSpace Protocol
DeSpace Protocol

DeSwap Multichain DEX is the one-stop multichain DEX for everyday crypto trades.

Current DeFi and NFT products are still unnecessarily complex, and the volume of different offerings across the market make it difficult for new users to participate.
The disconnection between these various products result in an inefficient experience for users, requiring them to navigate between websites and hold various tokens to get the full value out of the services they’re using.
The confusion surrounding the increasing number of blockchains (EVMs and non-EVMs) makes it difficult for users to find the right blockchain for them.

Location: Maryport, United States

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Business management with floor plan generator

Ruoom® created a simplified business management software with features you’d expect – client management, online booking, point-of-sale, staff management, and scheduling. However, our product’s uniqueness lies within our patent-pending algorithm called Ruoom® Planner: a floor plan generator that allows you to create optimal spacing between customers, equipment, and architectural obstructions using three main input parameters. Try our beta product for free on our website.

Location: Austin, USA

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