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Simple headless cms for product docs an AI knowledge management company. Our AI self-service platform to helps you build, share and manage knowledge bases, product documentation, api docs, user manuals and SOPs.
Transform your knowledge base into context aware interactive website widgets with product tours and interactive AI chatbots.

Location: Texas, United States

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Self-discovery app built for happiness in career and personal lives.

Good.Co is a science-backed self-discovery app and network designed for a new generation of professionals looking for more meaning in both their careers and personal lives.
The time and cost to hire today is the highest it’s ever been. 50% of new hires don't last more than 18 months due to culture misfit. While the Internet has solved sourcing problems, it has paralyzed hiring. Meanwhile, over 70% of Americans report feeling disengaged at work, and in turn, this is costing American companies $450 - $550 billion a year.

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