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Simple headless cms for product docs an AI knowledge management company. Our AI self-service platform to helps you build, share and manage knowledge bases, product documentation, api docs, user manuals and SOPs.
Transform your knowledge base into context aware interactive website widgets with product tours and interactive AI chatbots.

Location: Texas, United States

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Neuron Soundware

Neuron Soundware
Neuron Soundware

Protecting machines, ensuring better business.

Neuron soundware use sound and artificial intelligence to provide early warnings about machine failures. This approach is applicable for many types of machines such as engines, compressors, pumps, turbines, robots and many other types of equipment. Our analytics & monitoring platform nShield allows users to see machine condition in real time, manage feedback loops on system alerts, or to browse, listen to, visualize, and label recorded audio data.

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

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