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Domainglo is a simple blog name generator. It allows you to search available domain names for your blog.

Location: Srinagar, India

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Recruitment software for building better shortlists, faster.

Customised recruitment software that filters job applicants by cultural fit. Saving you time and money, while attracting the top talent with a branded, fun candidate experience.

Weirdly is great for startups and growing businesses, who care about creating a healthy, productive team culture as they scale.

For companies with 10-80 people, Weirdly can be used as a management system for the whole recruitment process - create your custom quiz, with questions to assess a candidate's cultural fit, share your link out across job boards and social networks or embed in your own website, then manage the review, shortlisting and communication process with candidates.

For companies with 80-500 people, Weirdly can work alongside your existing applicant tracking and management tools.

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