Dreamwave AI Headshots vs KIVUHUB

Dreamwave AI Headshots

Dreamwave AI Headshots
Dreamwave AI Headshots

Next-generation, high quality AI headshots without the AI look.

Dreamwave is an AI headshot generator that can produce high-quality AI headshots in under one hour. To use it, users only need to upload 5-8 sample photos.

Dreamwave's AI headshot generator was developed by a team of AI experts previously at MIT and Google Brain. Dreamwave's proprietary technology leads to higher quality, higher resolution photos, as well as better likeness in their AI-generated photos (i.e., photos that look like you).

To see examples of Dreamwave's real customer results, visit https://www.dreamwave.ai/ai-headshots.

Location: San Francisco, United States

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KivuHub is a community hub which is supporting women/girls and young entrepreneurs to innovate in technology sector by enhancing digital ,solve community problem, protect environment, business skills, networking and computer/cyber skills. By providing them the right set of adaptive training to boost job creation, Digital Women economic empowerment, fight against cybercrime as specially related to women and children, startups creation , to grow their business and becoming financially independent as well as being competitive in job market. In line to the 5th SDG Gender Equality by promoting women though technology, 8th SDG promoting youth employment and training and the 9th SDG which promote universal access to ICT.

Location: Bukavu, Congo - Kinshasa

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