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Collaborative knowledge management for digital product teams.

User Researchers, Data Scientists, Product Marketers and many other roles within digital product teams produce tonnes of valuable insights through customer research and data analysis, but they're not easily accessible because this work is often conducted in silos. This is a problem because it leads to lengthy searching, repeated work, and a lack of engagement from stakeholders - meaning wasted time, money and opportunity.

Teams currently resort to generic multi-use tools such as Notion, Confluence and Drive to centralise valuable insight across teams, but they are not working. These all-in-one tools are not built for managing research, have very basic search functionality, and are impossible to keep fresh and up to date - ultimately leading to yet more silos.

Dualo is an integrated insights platform that is specifically designed for digital product teams. We're building a knowledge management system that reduces search effort, increases the visibility and impact of research findings, and uses AI to spot new patterns in your data - across the organisation.

Location: London, United Kingdom

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LaserChain: World's First Crypto WarGame

LASERCHAIN is a first AAA mobile strategy game that uses uses its own waves based crypto token as an in-game currency. The game is set in a futuristic world where humans are fighting over the newly discovered mineral, LASER, which has unique time shifting properties. Each player is placed on a planet where they can build their own base, mine resources and train an army. Players can gain LASERCHAIN tokens from attacking other players, or through placing a mining building on their base.

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