Dumbbell AI vs ESSENCE we3 GAME

Dumbbell AI

Dumbbell AI
Dumbbell AI

An interactive and engaging workout experience powered by Motion Tracking all on your phone.

Dumbbell AI is an engaging and interactive fitness app that uses Motion Tracking to provide a guided and gamified workout experience.

Key Features
🤖 AI Powered Rep/Set Counter - No Manual Tapping, the app counts your reps for you.
🏋️ AI Virtual Trainers - AI Generated trainers working out along side you.
📅 Workout Activity Logging - AI Powered Workout Logger
😘 Social features - Join in the Leaderboard and share your achievements with others

The story:

Nowadays to add some spice and fun to fitness, it usually cost a bomb to buy add ons such as bulky equipment and sensors.

The story unfolds during my college years when I crossed paths with Daniel, an Ex-Navy. Daniel, with his background in the Navy, frequently lamented about the challenges of maintaining fitness levels amidst the chaotic college lifestyle. The pandemic, the incessant hustle and bustle, and the overwhelming load of assignments only exacerbated the struggle to prioritize health and fitness.

Fast forward one year post-graduation, a spark of inspiration ignited within me. Leveraging our shared expertise in artificial intelligence (AI), I proposed the idea of developing a Motion Tracking Fitness app that would revolutionize the way people approach their workouts. The vision was grand – an app that not only counts reps but also automatically logs workouts, complete with a motivational leaderboard. Taking it a step further, we envisioned integrating AI-generated fitness trainers, making personalized guidance accessible to every user.

The automatic workout logging feature ensures that users can effortlessly track their progress over time, offering valuable insights into their fitness journey. The inclusion of a leaderboard injects a dose of friendly competition, motivating users to push their limits and stay consistent with their workouts.

Location: Singapore, Singapore

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"ESSENCE", is a dynamic and unpredictable comedy science-fiction multi-universe & Web3, Play-to-Earn, Mid-core, Active Board RPG Game with advanced Tokinomics.

Like all good stories, ours began, quite a long time ago.
For each member of our team, games are not just leisure and entertainment; they have shaped us as individuals since our childhood. Game universes, their stories, and characters were our teachers, examples of behavior, and a means of interacting with each other. Sometimes they even provided a refuge from real storms, where we found loyal friends & like-minded people.

We rolled dice, threw cards on the table, calculated numbers, and derived pure pleasure from group imagination in games like D&D, GURPS, & MtG. Solo we explored the worlds of Sid Meier's Pirates & Civilization, Wasteland & Fallout, Diablo.. studying their structures, we learned, progress did not stand still: Ultima Online, Lineage, WoW Classic.. they finally led us to where we are now, in the pro.GameDev industry. What we definitely did not expect to encounter there were white-collar who didn't care about games! Oh God, how soulless crap they made us do... forgive us, players!

This is the fundamental reason of our Unity. We sincerely believe that only extraordinary and atypical games with deep philosophy & sincerity can break through the pile of commercial and cloned junk that fills any GameStore.

We planned a set of projects that are crazy in their ideas & philosophy, are so ambitious and strange that we are even embarrassed to talk about them now.
But today we want to start Mid-core one, and prove the truth of our intentions to all future fans.

Our first project ESSENCE is a dynamic and unpredictable comedy science-fiction & Active Board RPG. Concept was conceived in 2021 and went through team changes, a War, and over 2000h of aligning all its mechanics & interdependencies in our free time. The game now has its own lore universe and has been redesigned for web3. As true gamers, we set ourselves goals: Develop a combat system based on the principle Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master and to create maximum replayability, which evokes the emotions of a cozy lamplight board game. It wasn't an easy task and we achieved 8,524,783,008,000 as maximum possible variability of combinations: cards, skills & items and all are NFTs.
Entire team is currently pursuing is to get away from white-collars jobs & start active development phase of ESSENCE!

That is why we chose WEB3, as we believe that today, the most powerful & experienced community is in the decentralized space! We want to mark that we are taking an unconventional approach to both Economic Design and Game Design, with a strong focus on the Community DAO/GTRS+AMM.
With our extensive experience in this area, we know that achieving our ambitious goals is only possible with a strong Community.

We are not looking for Lazy or Stupid Investors, as they pose risks to our ecosystem & Community. We consider only Active Financial Partners who share our beliefs! We value decentralized collaboration and ask each Player to help & support us to the best of their ability!

Warm Regards,
Moirai Games.

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

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