Dumbbell AI vs Motor Edgevantage

Dumbbell AI

Dumbbell AI
Dumbbell AI

An interactive and engaging workout experience powered by Motion Tracking all on your phone.

Dumbbell AI is an engaging and interactive fitness app that uses Motion Tracking to provide a guided and gamified workout experience.

Key Features
🤖 AI Powered Rep/Set Counter - No Manual Tapping, the app counts your reps for you.
🏋️ AI Virtual Trainers - AI Generated trainers working out along side you.
📅 Workout Activity Logging - AI Powered Workout Logger
😘 Social features - Join in the Leaderboard and share your achievements with others

The story:

Nowadays to add some spice and fun to fitness, it usually cost a bomb to buy add ons such as bulky equipment and sensors.

The story unfolds during my college years when I crossed paths with Daniel, an Ex-Navy. Daniel, with his background in the Navy, frequently lamented about the challenges of maintaining fitness levels amidst the chaotic college lifestyle. The pandemic, the incessant hustle and bustle, and the overwhelming load of assignments only exacerbated the struggle to prioritize health and fitness.

Fast forward one year post-graduation, a spark of inspiration ignited within me. Leveraging our shared expertise in artificial intelligence (AI), I proposed the idea of developing a Motion Tracking Fitness app that would revolutionize the way people approach their workouts. The vision was grand – an app that not only counts reps but also automatically logs workouts, complete with a motivational leaderboard. Taking it a step further, we envisioned integrating AI-generated fitness trainers, making personalized guidance accessible to every user.

The automatic workout logging feature ensures that users can effortlessly track their progress over time, offering valuable insights into their fitness journey. The inclusion of a leaderboard injects a dose of friendly competition, motivating users to push their limits and stay consistent with their workouts.

Location: Singapore, Singapore

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Motor Edgevantage

Motor Edgevantage
Motor Edgevantage

Reliable dealer alternative car repair shop for premium and luxury brands

Motor Edgevantage is the brainchild of visionaries, Eric and Joel. Motor Edgevantage seek to disrupt the premium and luxury automotive repair workshop industry by positioning itself as a reliable alternative to address the evolving needs of premium and luxury car owners in Singapore.

Assembling the best mix of talent from the industry with our team of dealer-trained and certified multi-skilled technicians, backed up with a well-equipped, highly automated workshop, Motor Edgevantage specializes in repair services for Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and other premium continental brands.

Inspired by the principles of lean philosophy, our team drives a customer-centric process to deliver the most efficient and customer-satisfying experiences on these promises:

We don’t waste your time.
We solve your problem effectively.
We provide exactly what you need.
We deliver value always.
We streamline our processes to reduce time wasted on unnecessary work.

All our work processes are structured to maintain focus on our customer’s needs. We do this by providing what they want with simplicity and flexibility while minimizing what they don’t want by performing things in the right way every time. We create value and quality for our customers, saving resources by not having to redo things that should have been done correctly from the start.

Guided by our core values of Excellence, Dependable, Genuine, Efficient, Motor Edgevantage has positioned itself as the preferred alternative workshop for premium and luxury car brands in Singapore with the best available car maintenance and repair service, always believing in using genuine spare parts at the most competitive price since its founding in 2015.

Steered by our company’s vision and mission statements, Motor Edgevantage brings together seasoned professionals, passion for providing quality service, leading-edge systems and lean processes to build a reliable and trusted brand synonymous with premium and luxury car workshop in Singapore and beyond.

To be a reliable and trusted workshop for premium automotive brands in Singapore and beyond.

To bring together professionals passionate about delivering the most seamless, smooth and enjoyable driving experience possible.

Excellence: we strive to deliver the highest quality service through a fast and easy processes.
Dependable: we can be counted upon to fulfil promises and obligations.
Genuine: we act and live by the principle of integrity and take responsibility for our actions.
Efficient: we offer excellent and cost-effective products and services while minimizing disruption to customers.

Location: Singapore, Singapore

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