Dumbbell AI vs Stravopys Digital Menu

Dumbbell AI

Dumbbell AI
Dumbbell AI

An interactive and engaging workout experience powered by Motion Tracking all on your phone.

Dumbbell AI is an engaging and interactive fitness app that uses Motion Tracking to provide a guided and gamified workout experience.

Key Features
๐Ÿค– AI Powered Rep/Set Counter - No Manual Tapping, the app counts your reps for you.
๐Ÿ‹๏ธ AI Virtual Trainers - AI Generated trainers working out along side you.
๐Ÿ“… Workout Activity Logging - AI Powered Workout Logger
๐Ÿ˜˜ Social features - Join in the Leaderboard and share your achievements with others

The story:

Nowadays to add some spice and fun to fitness, it usually cost a bomb to buy add ons such as bulky equipment and sensors.

The story unfolds during my college years when I crossed paths with Daniel, an Ex-Navy. Daniel, with his background in the Navy, frequently lamented about the challenges of maintaining fitness levels amidst the chaotic college lifestyle. The pandemic, the incessant hustle and bustle, and the overwhelming load of assignments only exacerbated the struggle to prioritize health and fitness.

Fast forward one year post-graduation, a spark of inspiration ignited within me. Leveraging our shared expertise in artificial intelligence (AI), I proposed the idea of developing a Motion Tracking Fitness app that would revolutionize the way people approach their workouts. The vision was grand โ€“ an app that not only counts reps but also automatically logs workouts, complete with a motivational leaderboard. Taking it a step further, we envisioned integrating AI-generated fitness trainers, making personalized guidance accessible to every user.

The automatic workout logging feature ensures that users can effortlessly track their progress over time, offering valuable insights into their fitness journey. The inclusion of a leaderboard injects a dose of friendly competition, motivating users to push their limits and stay consistent with their workouts.

Location: Singapore, Singapore

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Stravopys Digital Menu

Stravopys Digital Menu
Stravopys Digital Menu

Contactless Digital Menu for Restaurant ยท QR Code Generator ยท Menu Creator ยท Online Menu for Cafes, Restaurants, Hotels and Bars ยท Online Payment ยท Mobile Website

Modern phones have long ceased to be just a means of voice communication. We use them for listening to music, viewing photos, Internet banking, calling a taxi, etc., and in the context of a pandemic, they have become a necessary attribute for viewing the contactless digital menu accessible by a QR code. Once it might have seemed like a distant future, but now it is the present. The present, which came suddenly and without preparation. The idea itself, where the client takes the phone, scans the QR code and looks at a beautiful, informative menu, is great, but if you look at things realistically, not all establishments were able to implement this idea correctly.

Often, instead of a responsive web page, visitors are offered to use uploaded photos of a paper menu on social networks or on a google drive, which is certainly a quick solution, but very inconvenient for customers. Some establishments create websites, which solves a number of problems for clients, but requires constant technical support and is very expensive for managers. Stravopys makes things easier. It was developed with an empathetic and considerate attitude to the needs of the restaurant business, taking into account the latest trends in design and technologies. You can create a simple menu for free with the ability to view scan statistics, generate a QR code for wi-fi, and allow your guests to create a favourite list of dishes.

Although you can use paid features to have additional promotion and dish customization (special offer, cooking time, attractive labels, etc). You no longer need to waste time looking for agencies that will create a website for your cafe or restaurant, and you do not need technical knowledge to create it by yourself. By choosing Stravopys, you no longer have to pay for hosting services and think about maintaining and developing your web page. The time has come when the main focus is shifting to the dishes themselves, and restaurateurs and content managers are no longer limited to the format of the paper menu. Be modern and push your boundaries.

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

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