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Earthly is a browser extension that offsets CO2 every time you open a new tab.

Earthly is a browser extension that raises money for climate solutions every time you open a new browser tab.

Earthly replaces your default browser tab with a sleek new tab which features beautiful imagery of the planet, daily tips and call to actions about the environment and some unintrusive ad that makes its mission possible.

The vision behind Earthly is to help everyone reduce their impact on their environment by increasing awareness and providing accessible and modern tools to do so.

Location: Berlin, Germany

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Watsapp Direct

Watsapp Direct
Watsapp Direct

Lets your customers and followers whatsapp with just a click

What it does:
(1) For those who use WhatsApp on the computer:
While using WhatsApp over computer you can't Whatspp to a contact you just found over the internet or got from somewhere else because there is no way to save a contact number on WhatsApp web. We all came across this problem time to time.
So now all you need to do is write the contact-number next to our domain name succeeded with a "/" ; for example, if the contact number is 7389406162 and country code is 91, the URL would be and blah!! you are done.

(2) For those who use WhatsApp for business:

Business owners could get a personalized link from our website, with that link any could message them with just a click, without even saving their contact number. They could put the link on their social media profiles and pages. This saves time and opportunities both!

Try clicking on my link: (You must be logged in to WhatsApp or have app installed)

Features of the link:
- See Location of the user WhatsApp you using that link.
- Where he found the link(Fb, Instagram, Twitter, or any other website)
- get a widget to put on their website so visitors could whatsapp them straight from their website.
-Can Activate the "prefilled message" so customers won't have to write a message just to initiate the conversation. See example:
-Can activate a splash page which will show upon clicking the link with the option to visit website, message on WhatsApp or call. see sample here:

Use cases:
Social media profiles(Insta,twitter,FB)
Search engine listing
Anywhere you need to insert your business website
Anywhere you need to share or comment your Whatsapp contact.

Thanks & Regards

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