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EasySendy Pro

EasySendy Pro
EasySendy Pro

Micro-deliver email with SMTP relays and Improve Open Rate

EasySendy Pro is web based email marketing application which is used by business to reach their subscribers through email. You can register, launch instantly and connect with SMTP relay servers of your choice to deliver large volume email campaigns. It connects with Amazon SES, Mandrill, SendGrid, Sparkpost, Dyn, Leadersend, Elasticemail and MailGun relay servers.

With EasySendy Pro you can split test email deliveries across the relay servers and check reports, track email clicks, opens of each email campaign. It also has smart autoresponder and advanced email list segmentation based on subscriber interactions with email campaign. This helps sending highly targeted emails.

Delivering email through multiple SMTP relay server improves email inbox delivery and enhances email open rate, which finally result in improved ROI on email marketing. Other features include webforms for email capture, custom subscriber pages, email template editor, custom fields, tracking domain setup, auto bounce and complaint handling setup, RSS/JSON feed emails, Google Analytics and WordPress integration.

Optimal time for email delivery, API and integration with Salesforce, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Zapier are under development.

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GetSales is an AI-powered LinkedIn & Email automation software with an Account-Based Approach and high Personalization

Be confident in sales forecasting with GetSales.io: Discover Effortless B2B lead generation in 4 Simple Steps - Find, Create, Communicate, and Track with Ease.

Companies can quickly find and process potential customers on LinkedIn, spending x5 less time on lead generation.

Using automation helps to boost your SDR x5.

GetSales Booster - the new painkiller for any person in sales
Prefer manual outreach? Hyperpersonalisation approach take much time? With our extension you’ll save hours and bring order to your LinkedIn routine.

Get ahead of the competition using AI technology
Numerous AI technologies will inevitably ease outbound sales, drop the lead price and allow businesses to save millions.

Benefits of automating your lead generation with GetSales.io:

Time-savings - reduces the volume and time of lead generation by up to 5 times compared to manual processes and up to 3 times compared to other automation tools.

Outreach volumes scale - the platform is capable of processing an unlimited number of outbound contacts, depending on the number of LinkedIn profiles connected to the system. Giving away manual contact establishment, you’re able to multiply your outreach volumes by managing not 1, but up to 10 LinkedIn accounts.

Stability - on GetSales each company has its own dedicated server that provides stability of work. No human factor or system glitches, you can be sure that your contacts are always engaged regardless of anything.

Easy to work with - we created the user-friendliest interface with an easy structure and clear working flow. You need literally 15 min to learn how to navigate through it.

Flexible flow-builder - allows you to create interaction scenarios that closely imitate human user activities, reducing conversion time and increasing lead inflow.

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

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