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BCI Summit

BCI Summit
BCI Summit

Join us to gain access to industry insight, & take advantage of opportunities provided by mentors & successful investors.

100 Industry's founders, leaders, and experts explain the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, platforms, networks, technology importance as well as future expectations. Topics are covered in depth yet from a simple-to-understand perspective to ensure all audiences are up to speed. Join us along with another 1500 people and be a part of this revolutionary movement.

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The global marketplace for software teams

ekipa is the global marketplace for software teams.

ekipa helps customers get their software projects done (or IT problems resolved) by matching projects/problems with best-suitable teams.
Importantly, teams are co-located, vetted and have experience (technology, domain, industry) in specific customer problems.

Ekipa addresses:
the outsourcing partner search problem (so far partners are sought with help of Google or own network),
partner quality check problem (teams are vetted) and
delivery risk problem (teams work in agile way where frequent delivery decreses the risk of the final delivery failure)

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