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Prose fiction built for mobile.

Experience prose fiction on mobile from top authors via short episodes with in-depth companion material and integrated community features.

We’ll resist the urge to make the big pitch and just share that we’re taking everything we’ve learned from games and applying it to prose fiction. We’ve designed a new user experience from the ground up around a simple way to experience mobile storytelling. After prototyping for the better part of this year, we have a unique format that combines short sessions, in-depth companion material, and integrated community.

Bound has already started signing authors and content partners. Exciting stuff.

**Who’s it for?**

So if you love great world-building-though-story (you know books, RPG sourcebooks, maps, comics, etc.) then I think you might like Bound. We are assembling an all-star team including some of the best world-builders around. We will be announcing additions to the Bound team in the coming weeks. We are also hiring so watch our job board and Angel List for details if you think you might want to join our expanding adventure party.

If any of this sounds interesting, I hope you’ll keep tabs on our progress or request access to the beta.

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Elite Email Verifier

Elite Email Verifier
Elite Email Verifier

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Location: Pune, India

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