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CUJO connected device security

CUJO protects your Internet of Things and all connected devices against security threats such as webcam snooping (monitoring), personal identity theft, and device destruction. With a plug-n-play installation, CUJO keeps your home safe against hacks, malware, viruses, and virtual intruders. CUJO is a smart learning device that applies machine learning to identify and eliminate threats in your home network.

Why does this matter? With 50 billion IoT devices all aspects of our life are becoming truly connected. Half of Americans have been hacked last year, partially because traditional security software cannot protect all of our smart devices. CUJO allows you to enjoy a peace of mind at home without having to disconnect. ß

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Elite Email Verifier

Elite Email Verifier
Elite Email Verifier

Most Optimal Email Verification Platform

Your most secure and affordable Email verification service
We Help Marketers Deliver More Emails, to the Right People. Verify Your Email List with 98% accuracy.

Location: Pune, India

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