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The Most Reliable and Accurate Way to Improve Your Email List Deliverability.

Because of many invalid email addresses, your emails cannot make it to the inbox of your list. You need to opt for a very effective email marketing campaign and get rid of non-valid emails. We offer you our services and the fastest ways to improve your email list deliverability. Using the most comprehensive and reliable solutions we are serving our clients quickly and perfectly anytime. Junk emails lead to increased in clicks, so we ensure that your email lists will become bounce free and valid.

We will help you instantly detect the email accounts which are unsafe to send and you will never lose time for this. By filtering bad emails from high-value contact, you will start sending emails only to real users. It is just a necessity to boost your email campaign which will also help you save much money. Through various control processes we will make everything easier for you, so you can always rely on us and enjoy the highest ever results. We guarantee the most perfect and accurate condition of each and every email domain. Simply contact us now and we will offer you our solutions.

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Receive and respond to emails with GitHub Issues

HubDesk is a free tool that lets you track and respond to emails using Github issues. HubDesk creates issues for each new inbound email thread. You can respond to the sender with an issue comment that starts with @reply. HubDesk can be used to allow non-Github users to submit bugs or even replace your help desk software. HubDesk revolutionizes email communication by seamlessly integrating with GitHub, offering a powerful and free solution for tracking and responding to emails. This innovative tool takes the traditional inbox to the next level, transforming each inbound email thread into a structured and organized GitHub issue.

At the heart of HubDesk's functionality is its ability to create dedicated GitHub issues for every new email conversation, providing users with a centralized space to manage and track discussions. This unique approach not only streamlines communication but also ensures that important details and conversations are stored in a structured format.

One of HubDesk's standout features is its intuitive @reply functionality. Users can effortlessly respond to email threads by adding an issue comment that starts with @reply, facilitating clear and threaded communication directly within the GitHub interface. This not only enhances collaboration but also enables seamless tracking of responses and updates.

HubDesk's versatility extends beyond GitHub users, making it an inclusive tool for collaboration. By allowing non-Github users to submit bugs or issues through the platform, HubDesk becomes an accessible gateway for external stakeholders to contribute and engage in discussions without requiring a GitHub account. This opens up possibilities for collaborative projects and feedback collection from a diverse range of sources.

Beyond its primary function as an email-GitHub integration, HubDesk can serve as a robust alternative to traditional help desk software. The platform's ability to convert email threads into GitHub issues adds a layer of organization and efficiency, making it a compelling option for teams looking to streamline their support processes.

The inherent compatibility of HubDesk with GitHub ensures that it aligns seamlessly with existing workflows, leveraging the powerful features of GitHub for enhanced collaboration and issue tracking. As a free tool, HubDesk democratizes efficient communication and issue resolution, making it an invaluable asset for teams and organizations looking to optimize their email correspondence and support systems. HubDesk is not just a tool; it's a game-changer in the realm of email management, providing a bridge between traditional communication and the collaborative power of GitHub.

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