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The Most Reliable and Accurate Way to Improve Your Email List Deliverability.

Because of many invalid email addresses, your emails cannot make it to the inbox of your list. You need to opt for a very effective email marketing campaign and get rid of non-valid emails. We offer you our services and the fastest ways to improve your email list deliverability. Using the most comprehensive and reliable solutions we are serving our clients quickly and perfectly anytime. Junk emails lead to increased in clicks, so we ensure that your email lists will become bounce free and valid.

We will help you instantly detect the email accounts which are unsafe to send and you will never lose time for this. By filtering bad emails from high-value contact, you will start sending emails only to real users. It is just a necessity to boost your email campaign which will also help you save much money. Through various control processes we will make everything easier for you, so you can always rely on us and enjoy the highest ever results. We guarantee the most perfect and accurate condition of each and every email domain. Simply contact us now and we will offer you our solutions.

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Magnolia Inc.

Magnolia Inc.
Magnolia Inc.

A simplistic way for user research management.

Hi there! This is Jay from Magnolia.
I recently started a new role as the first Product Manager (PM) at a growing company, and as usual, the new job came with a few surprises. I was spending more time on user research than any other activity. With that said, our management urged us to:
“With the Product team being new, we will need to spend more time on the ground, talking to people. Build intuition by listening, observing and understanding”.
The line seems to be cliché to any product manager, and as much as everyone wants to do it, it seems so disorganized and time-consuming. Talking to customers indeed takes time, yet it is necessary. But what about managing them and their insights? These underlying problems led me to search for products that could empower me rather than bog me down with more things to learn.
I scoured the market, and existing vendors are feature-heavy and contain complicated workflows instead of focusing on simplicity. So my colleagues and I started on the journey of building a platform that keeps Product Managers, User Researchers and Non-technical people at the center of everything we do.
Magnolia is a platform where you can manage your user research participants and their insights in a simple and affordable way. The platform’s purpose is to keep things simple and light. Everyone is spending too much time understanding new products and applying them to the world, but things get intertwined and complicated.
Magnolia helps you organize the crucial step in product development: talking to users. We constantly listen to our users and make it as easy to use as possible.

Location: Montreal, Canada

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