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Embed Map

Great looking maps, embedded, for free.

Embed Map generates Google Maps for websites, letting users show their location online, whether via a conventional map, a general area overview, directions to and from specific locations, or even a street view of a given area.

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Building the Starling - A Child's Wearable that can Boost IQ

The Starling is a smart little device that tracks the number of words a child says and hears each day. Why is word tracking important? Because 82% of brain development happens in the first 3 years of life and research tells us that early vocabulary exposure is the most important thing parents and caregivers can do to impact their child's trajectory.

And the Starling isn't just smart, it’s intuitive. Paired with our smart phone app, the Starling not only gives personalized information and analytics for each child, but it also provides information and suggests activities and challenges to help parents and caregivers engage more with their children and give them the best start in life.

With the Starling parents and caregivers can...

- Set word goals for their child
- Track their child's language environment throughout the day
- Measure their child's development
- Get age-appropriate info and activities for even more learning opportunities

The Goal: less anxiety, more enjoyment, and a smarter child!

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