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EmployAmp is a powerful hub to organize and focus your job search.

Forget the spreadsheets and stacks of notebooks: If you’ve ever searched for a new job, you know the struggles of trying to remember who you’ve met, what you’ve applied to, and when to follow-up after conversations and interviews. EmployAmp is the central dashboard that helps you keep track of who you’ve talked with, jobs you’ve applied to, and tasks you need to complete.

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Lunar Research Service

Lunar Research Service
Lunar Research Service

Lunar Research Service helps test prototypes and materials in the conditions of vacuum, extreme temperatures, radiation, and vibrations.

LRS Labs test your technology and conduct experiments which help validate product and science behind it. LRS Labs provides a testing environment, accelerated testing results and synergistic effects not replicated on Earth or in open space. These exposures include: Atomic Oxygen, Solar radiation, Vacuum of Space, Microgravity, Extreme Temperatures, Micrometeoroid Impacts, Direct Sun exposure.

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

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