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Hire Dedicated Development Team| Hire Offshore Developers

Hire dedicated development team and hire offshore developers from Employcoder with great expertise in application development
that meet your business needs.Setup the Offshore Development Center (ODC) in India and save up to 50% of your development cost.

Location: Madurai, India

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Manage and automate translations for React, Angular, Vue, and more

i18nexus is designed to manage and automate translations for your website or web application. Integrate quickly and seamlessly with React, Angular, Vue.js and more!

i18nexus manages and exports your translations to your software through its awesome API. It even uses Google Translate to automatically translate all your strings for you. When your team is ready to hire professional translators, simply invite them to your project to edit and confirm the translations.

i18nexus is the nexus between your translations and your software.

Location: Irvine, USA

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