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Helping marketers manage user-generated content

Endorsify helps marketers establish and organize relationships with content creators. We allow brands to easily track, manage, and pay influencers for user-generated content. Endorsify features include Messaging, Content Search, Fair Market Value Pricing and our Suggested Influencers Tool. We focus on creating features using machine learning, data science, image recognition, classification and natural language processing to help marketers make informed decisions.

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Vacation Tracker

Vacation Tracker
Vacation Tracker

Vacation Tracker - The easiest way to track your team’s vacations and days off

Vacation Tracker for Slack helps teams all over the world request, approve and manage leave. It allows you to track all types of time off, set your own vacation policies and leave types. Keep your team informed with daily and weekly notifications, export valuable reports, integrate with your favorite calendar and more. The dashboard gives you a full overview of future absences and vacation history, as well as settings where you can modify everything per your company's policy.

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Canada

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